Basic Medium Article Writing

  • → Basic research done, if needed
  • → Written based on your outline
  • → One round of revisions included
  • → You provide images

.10 / word of completed article

Pro Medium Article Writing

  • → In-depth research done
  • → Written based on your outline—or I make the outline for you
  • → Two rounds of revisions included
  • → You provide images—or I create graphics for you

.20 / word of completed article

What is a Medium article?

A Medium article is a 500+ word article written for the Medium platform for readers and writers. This is a platform—similar to a social media site—where writers and businesses come together to post their unique content. Many businesses use this platform as another way to reach their ideal clients and customers by posting relevant content that engages readers in what they do and know best. In other words, in these articles, you lead your followers to engage with your business outside the platform to sell more products and/or services.

What types of businesses do well on Medium?

  • → Self-Help
  • → Writers
  • → Editors
  • → Bloggers
  • → Freelancers
  • → Fitness
  • → Finance
  • → Technology
  • → Psychology
  • → B2B
  • → Crypto/Bitcoin/Blockchain
  • → Productivity
  • → Health/Wellness
  • → Side Hustle Culture
  • → Creator Economy
  • → Influencers

How It Works

  1. After we both sign the contract, you’ll fill out a project brief that gives all the details I need to get started.
  2. I invoice you for the work to be done and get started on writing your content.
  3. You’ll receive a polished draft of your article to review.
  4. After you make any suggestions for revisions (if necessary), I’ll update the article and return it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Medium Article Writing

What guarantees do you make about the final product?

I have many checks and balances along the way that ensure you receive the product you ordered, giving you ample time to ask questions or halt the writing process if you feel it’s necessary.

How long does it take to write one article?

Most articles can be completed within five business days under normal circumstances; however, each project is different. If I need to interview people in your company for the article, the deadline for the article will depend on their availability. Additionally, if in-depth research needs to be completed, that can also delay a project. Whatever the case, I will communicate clearly about the deadlines and inform you of any necessary changes that need to be made to the timeline.

Your prices are a bit higher than my budget. Can we negotiate your fee?

If necessary, I can make adjustments to the timeline or length of the content to accommodate a lower budget. But understand that if you request a lower price, you will be sacrificing some aspect of the service through longer deadlines, shorter length, less research, no revisions, etc.

Do you offer any sort of discounts for repeat clients?

No, however, I do have a referral program that will pay you 10% of any client fees I receive for companies or individuals you refer to me. And, as long as they hire me for services, you will receive that 10% referral fee. Additionally, if we decide to work together long-term, I can put together a retainer fee that gives you a great deal on a number of articles written per month.

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