my story

For as long as I can remember, I always had my hands in something creative. It started as a teenager, when a relative gave me a typewriter as a gift. I remember quite vividly writing an airport romance, even though I didn’t know a thing about romance at the time. From there, it progressed into writing therapeutic poetry as I got a little older to deal with my depression and anxiety. But, when I got into high school, my perspective shifted.

It was there I learned that I could actually start a career as a writer. By chance, I found myself on the high school newspaper staff and wrote dozens and dozens of articles about school clubs, teachers, and my fellow students. I did this for two years and went on to study journalism for a short time in college before I dropped out for personal reasons.

In my twenties, I continued writing poetry and found a new love for writing screenplays and wrote short articles on subjects I found interesting. Those short articles would soon become widely known as blogs, and I’ve written hundreds—maybe even thousands—over the years.

But, somewhere along the way, life took me away from writing. It wouldn’t be until over twenty years later that I reminded myself of the thing I once loved. I began writing books I intended to self-publish, and I loved doing this so much that I started my career as a freelance editor.

books I’ve published

My cozy mystery pen names are Dorothy Danger and May Dixon