Tech blogger and editor who writes content for apps, websites, social media, and emails.

My journey into tech started long before the public had access to the Internet as we know it today. It all started with the Atari 800XL, my first computer as a teenager. Back then, I was all about the games, but as I explored my love for technology more, I got much more excited when it came to how it changed the way we communicate.

As a teenager, though, it was all about bulletin board systems (BBSs), chatting with other computer nerds, and forming social groups that would eventually lead to lifetime bonds. My friends and I developed our own digital magazine (in the 1990s), and that was when I fell in love with how great writing can bring people together.

My name is Tina Morlock. I’m a web developer and tech blogger who helps tech companies break down complicated tech concepts for their customers, clients, and readers.

I started my freelance writing and editing business in Oklahoma City, where I still live with my two kids and menagerie of six animals. Everything I do is in service of caring for my family and ensuring my kids see how important it is to do what you love in life.

And this is what I absolutely love to do—write about tech products, applications, websites, and software for the people who benefit from them the most . . . your clients, customers, and readers.

My career in tech started in 2000, back when I graduated with a college degree in computer programming. Back then, I mastered programming concepts through learning BASIC, Pascal, C, and C++. However, today, I now work with other skillsets: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, C#, .NET, and more as a web developer. I use this experience and knowledge every day when I’m writing for my clients, and it’s something I continue to build on because technology is constantly evolving and adding new opportunities to improve the world we live in.

Prior to focusing on tech blogging, I built a successful book editing business, gaining experience in developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. I also worked for a few years as a managing editor, where I had the opportunity to train and mentor other writers and editors looking to build their own freelance businesses. These are skills I still use today to ensure the quality of the work I deliver meets the needs and desires of the tech companies who hire me.