Do you have something to say?
I can write a poem for you.

You can express yourself with beauty, poise, and lyrical style when we collaborate to create a piece of poetry that fits your theme, subject, and/or event/publication you need it for. My specialty in poetry is emotionally driven narratives about love, loss, grief, mental illness, and social/political issues. I tend to write with a lot of symbolism and imagery, which can add a lot of power to what you’re trying to say. However, if you think I’m ideal for a different type of poetry project, I’d love to have a chat with you about how we can collaborate.

My work has been published in anthologies, poetry collections, newspapers, and self-help books.

I’ve been writing poetry for over 30 years.


Once we decide to work together, we’ll have a chat so I can get a full picture of the type of poetry (or collection of poetry) you want written. We’ll discuss details, such as theme, imagery, event/publication, and voice/tone. And, if you’ve written poetry before, I’ll take a look at what you’ve written so I can get a feel for your style. I’ll also dive deeper to get detailed information that will help me during the drafting process. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you might have about the rest of the process.


Next, I’ll begin drafting ideas for your poem. When I’m ghostwriting poetry, I typically start with the imagery my clients wants to use and build a narrative from there. If any research is required, this is the point where I will do that, though that’s not always necessary for poetry. Before I make the final decision on the structure of the poem, I will send over a few poetry sketches (opening stanza with notes on how the rest will be written) so you can approve the concept you like the most.


Before I send you the final pieces (or collection), I’ll go through multiple rounds of edits and revisions to make sure it meets your expectations. During this part of the process, I will typically work on making the symbolism and/or imagery stronger. I’ll also work on spacing, arrangement, formatting, punctuation, and spelling to ensure it’s error-free before you see the final result. You’ll also get a chance to give me feedback, and if necessary, I will revise to make sure you are satisfied with it.

Our work together will not be complete until you are happy with the result. Throughout my poetry ghostwriting process, I work hard at every step to make sure it meets the project requirements, allowing my clients ample time to speak freely if they feel adjustments need to be made. This guarantees there are no surprises at the end, and you get the exact product you ordered. If you’re interested, you can shoot me an email at to get the process started today.