How can I add value to your content strategy?

  • Blog Posts — long-form, tutorials, listicles, customer education
  • Ghostwriting — blog posts, articles, books
  • Editing — websites, blog posts, articles, books
  • Email Content — custom templates, written content
  • Style Guide Development — create a consistent editorial style guide for your content writers and freelancers

Do you want to upgrade your content strategy with a writer and editor who understands how to convert tech knowledge into easy-to-read and engaging content for your audience? Let’s work together on boosting your content marketing efforts with a strategic combination of blog, email, and long-form content that communicates in a language your audience understands.

I am an experienced editor and content writer who understands what both you and your audience needs. With nearly two decades of experience working in tech and extensive experience writing stellar content, our collaboration will help you reach the goals you’re aiming for.

What I’m Good at Writing

Blog Posts

Regular content that highlights your products and/or services will boost traffic to your website, engage with your potential and current customers/clients, and promote growth for your company.


Publishing a strong e-book or full-length book not only generates more leads for your products and services, but it also sets you up as a thought leader in your industry.

Email Content

Email marketing is still one of the best ROIs tech companies are seeing today. You already have a built-in audience interested in your offering—now, you need to leverage that for growth.

Web Content

Great web content tells a story that grabs your audience and creates interest in your company and products/services. These stories will weave creativity with your technology, all with the goal of communicating your vision.

Style Guides

Editorial style guides are necessary when you start publishing regular digital content to facilitate company growth. They ensure your writers and editors always keep your voice and style in mind when representing your brand.

Content Strategy

Before you start creating regular content, having a strategic plan for that content will bring you the best results. It considers your audience, competition, goals, and more, bringing it all together to create a roadmap for success.